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Gustav Strijkers

Biomedical NMR
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Eindhoven University of Technology
High Tech Campus, Building 11
5656 AE  Eindhoven
the Netherlands

Tel: +31 (40) 247 3727
Fax: +31 (40) 243 2598




Dr. Gustav Strijkers (1971) is associate professor of Biomedical MRI in the Biomedical NMR group of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of TU/e and in the Department of Biomedical Engineering & Physics of the Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam. During the last years he has successfully initiated a number of scientific research lines. A first line involves the development of new quantitative imaging protocols for cardiovascular MRI. Recent highlights include the development of a 3D T1‑mapping technique for the myocardium, a novel first-pass perfusion method for a quantitative evaluation of the perfusion status of the heart, and a accelerated compressed sensing imaging protocol for high frame rate imaging of diastolic heart function. A second line of research focuses on the development of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) of muscle. Fiber‑tractography techniques to noninvasively determine the in vivo 3D architecture of human skeletal muscles were developed. The DTI techniques were applied to the heart muscle as well, revealing detailed insights in the myocardial fiber architecture of the healthy heart and the remodeling processes after myocardial infarction. A recent highlight, published in PNAS, is the finding that myocardial fibers bundle locally to form a particular type of minimal surface, the generalized helicoid model.

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